Updating existing contact records for GDPR Compliance

    The following is a recommendation on managing your contact records for GDPR compliance within the Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, platform. GDPR states that gathering proper consent from your users to receive email communications is a requirement. Therefore, the following method is one way you can possibly achieve compliance.

    That being said, that requirement is entirely up to you and your legal team, so we advise to always consult with your legal team in regards to any method you take to ensure it fits within the guidelines required for your business.


    After May 25th, 2018 contact or lead records created in the system will now have an option to default the OpOut field to Y or N. Meaning, Yes they have double opted in and are GDPR compliance or No they have not. Because of this change all of your existing records might or might not be GDPR compliant.

    We recommend that you make a segmentation with two filters:

    Contacts.CreatedDate <= May 25th AND Contacts.OpOut = N

    Then segment these results to target your EU customers. From there you can send an email to those clients asking to confirm subscription. Once this is complete you can mass update the contacts that have not responded and confirmed subscription to OpOut = Y.


    1. Create a segmentation with the following filter: 
      1. Filter: Contacts.CreatedDate less than May 25 AND OpOut = N
      2. Add an additional filter to target your EU customers (example: Country or Region field) 
    2. Create a Page with an embedded Form asking for consent to receive emails.
    3. For the records that responded and confirmed consent leave them as OpOut = N
    4. For records that did not respond
      1. Export those records out with two columns: Email and OpOut = Y 
      2. Then simply import those records in.

    Your database will now be updated with GDPR compliance customers.

    Alternatively, you may choose to create a custom field to capture this data instead then Mass Update Contacts by segmentation to the OpOut field once you’ve collected the data.

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