Using Anchors in ODS

    Before getting started with anchors it is important to note that not all email providers support anchors within email. Additionally, anchor text with spaces (e.g. “Best Practices”) is not supported by Outlook. Removing the space(s) from your anchor is one strategy to increase the likelihood of the email client supporting the anchor but is not guaranteed.

    Step by Step Guide

    Step 1: Define your Anchor


    Highlight your anchor text and click on the hyperlink manager:


    The hyperlink manager will open. Select the anchor tab. Select the refresh button to generate an anchor ID and type in a name for your anchor. (Remember there are no spaces in anchor names!) Click OK.

    Step 2: Create the Anchor Link

    Highlight the text that you will want to link to your anchor. Right click and select the hyperlink manager. In the existing anchor drop down, select the anchor that was created in step 1. The URL is then populated with a hashtag link to your anchor. Click OK.


    Step 3: Test Link

    Send an encoded test and verify that the anchor works.

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