Using Events with GDPR

    The events module currently uses our legacy landing pages to capture form results for the event. However, our legacy landing pages are not GDPR complaint since they will not support the cookie consent functionality that Page Builder will have.

    There are a few options that can be done to ensure your event is GDPR complaint.


    Instead of using the linked Legacy Landing page within the event then linking it to a session, you may instead use a page and form, which can be built using Page Builder and Form Builder, to capture records interested in the event then manually upload those lists into the manage attendees section of your session.


    1. Create your event as per normal except instead of using the legacy landing page, create a Page Builder page with a form embedded into it.
      1. Be sure to enable double Opt-in on your form so it is now GDPR complaint.
      2. You may link your Page to your trigger email within your Event/Session.
      3. **Important note** Event merge tags will not work at this stage because the members have not been associated with your session yet.
    2. Link your initial campaign in your event to your newly created Page and send out to generate form submissions from your client base.
    3. Once you’ve collected registrants for your event, export them out from the Form (Individual Form Results)
    4. Import them into Manage Attendees in your session.

    Now your clients who filled out your form are linked with your session and you may continue the event per normal.

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