Using Tables in Email Text Components

    The best way to create a mobile responsive email is to utilize the drag and drop components to designate unique text sections. Tables inserted into a text component are not mobile responsive. Mobile devices will compress the columns rather than stack them. If you must utilize a table we recommend that the table does not expand the entire width of the email. It will perform better if limited to 50% of width or less or inserted into a two or three column text component. 

    The following are a couple of examples of tables used in an email, and how they render in mobile. 

    Table in a text component that spans the entire width.

    table in single column
    Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 7.39.41 AM

    Table in a text component that is part of a multi-column email section.

    Table in multi column
    table in multi column preview

    This option will not render as well as our mobile responsive drag and drop components but because the width is limited to 50% or less the mobile formatting issues are less severe.

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