Using Workflows to Notify a User When an Opportunity Is Stagnant


    This is an after-time-elapses workflow that will notify the user assigned to an opportunity when their opportunity’s sales stage has been in a specified stage for a period of time. In this example, we will notify the user who is assigned to an opportunity when the sales stage remains in the Proposal/Price Quote stage for one week

    Beginning with version 9.1.0, each user’s license type (e.g. Sugar Serve) determines what functionality is available as described in the User Management documentation. The Workflow module used in this article is not available in Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell. 


    • You must be an administrator or have developer-level access in Sugar.
    • The Process Workflow Tasks scheduler must be set to “Active” and should be executed at a high frequency. By default, this Scheduler is active and set to run every minute. 
    • System email settings are configured.
    • An alert email template is already created. For more information, please refer to the Creating an Alert Email Template for Workflows article.

    For more information, please refer to the Schedulers, Email, and Workflow Management documentation.

    Steps to Complete

    From the Admin page, scroll down to the Developer Tools section.

    1. Navigate to the Admin page and click “Workflow Management”.
    2. On the left-hand side, click on “Create Workflow Definition”.
    3. Enter in the name of the workflow (e.g. “Proposal/Price Quote Opportunity”).
    4. Set the following values:
      • Execution Occurs: After Time Elapses
      • Status: Active
      • Target Module: Opportunities
      • Applies to: New and Existing Records
      • Processing Order: Alerts then Actions
    5. Save.
    6. Under “Conditions” click the Create button.
    7. Select “When a field in the target module changes to or from a specified value”.
    8. Click on the Field link and select “Sales Stage” then click “Next”.
    9. Click on the Value link and select “Proposal/Price Quote”.
    10. In the “for at least” dropdown menu select “1 week” then click “Save”.
    11. Click “Save” again.
    12. Under “Alerts” click the Create button.
    13. Enter in the name for your alert (e.g. “Proposal/Price Quote Notification”).
    14. Choose “Email” as the Alert Type.
    15. Choose “Custom Template” as the Source.
    16. In the Custom Template dropdown menu, select the template you wish to use.
    17. Under the “Alert Recipient List”, click the Create button.
    18. Select “A user associated with the target module”.
    19. Click “Next”.
    20. Select “User who is assigned the record”.
    21. Click on the Type link and select “To:” then click “Save”.
    22. Click “Save” again.

    You have completed setting up the workflow. If you do not want to wait a week to test this out, you can change the time setting to a smaller increment. Please refer to the Modifying the Intervals for Time Elapsed Workflows article for instructions on modifying the time intervals in the drop-down list.

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