What to Expect When Upgrading to 9.3


    Upgrades to Sugar 9.3 are available or required for instances according to the following guidelines:

    • All instances hosted on Sugar’s cloud service will be upgraded to 9.3.

    For the upgrade, please keep in mind that there are some key features of 9.2.x which have changed or are not available in Sugar 9.3.x. Some of the items that are unavailable in Sugar 9.3.x may be made available in a future release. To help provide you with the necessary information, this article covers what to expect when your instance is upgraded from 9.2.x to 9.3.x.

    For information regarding new functionality available in 9.3.x, please refer to the 9.3 Release Notes specific to your Sugar edition.

    Feature Disparity Between Fall ’19 (9.2.x) and Winter ’20 (9.3.x)

    9.2.x features in the following categories have changed or are no longer available in 9.3.x:

    • Cases
    • SugarBPM
    • User Interface

    Please refer to the sections below for further information on the changes.


    The following 9.2.x Cases module behavior has changed in 9.3.x:

    Feature Sugar 9.2 Behavior Sugar 9.3 Behavior
    Resolved Date field The value in the Resolved Date field remains and does not automatically clear if a case is re-opened.  The Resolved Date field automatically clears if a case is re-opened. 
    Time to Resolution field The Time to Resolution field exists on the Cases module. The Time to Resolution has been removed. During the upgrade to Sugar Serve 9.3.x, its value is converted from minutes to hours and stored in the newly added Hours to Resolution field. In 9.3.x, the Hours to Resolution and Business Hours to Resolution fields are calculated based on the dates the case was created and closed.


    The following 9.2.x SugarBPM behavior has changed in 9.3.x:

    Feature Sugar 9.2 Behavior Sugar 9.3 Behavior
    Case Follow-Up Date Management SugarBPM template One version of the Case Follow-Up Date Management SugarBPM template is available in Sugar Serve. A V2 version of the template has been added, titled “Case Follow-Up Date Management V2”, in addition to the original. This new version of the process definition contains new functionality. V2 versions of the related process business rules and email templates have also been added, but are not different from the original versions.

    User Interface

    The following 9.2.x User Interface features and behavior have changed in 9.3.x:

    Feature Sugar 9.2 Behavior Sugar 9.3 Behavior
    Feedback link The Feedback link is available in Sugar’s footer and allows customers to communicate their overall satisfaction with Sugar. The Feedback link has been removed from the footer of the Sugar user interface.
    Interactions dashlets The “Interactions” and “Case Interactions” dashlets are filtered to only display past calls and meetings related to the current record being viewed.    The “Interactions” and “Case Interactions” dashlets display all (i.e. scheduled, held, canceled) calls and meetings related to the  record being viewed. 
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