Why does Sugar Market Analytics differ from Google Analytics

    Sugar Market’s, formerly known as Salesfusion’s, web analytics is a unique web analytics platform that differs from other web analytics platforms like Google Analytics or Web Trends.  Sugar Market focuses on B2B conversion where Google Analytics focuses on eCommerce applications.

    Most web analytic platforms are mainly concerned about keyword traffic and unique site visits.  Sugar Market’s platform was built to profile the individual user based on their interaction with your website or landing page.

    Sugar Market places a cookie on the recipient’s desktop to track the uniqueness of that user. If the user returns in a specified period, Sugar Market will piece together that data to form a single view of that recipient.  So, multiple page interactions will be rolled up to be viewed as one web session with multiple pages.

    eCommerce analytics tools like Google, track single sessions.  They do not piece together and roll up a recipient’s aggregated site analytics.

    In some cases, you will see Sugar Market with a higher page count because we are embedding all landing pages with our analytic code and unless you have done the same with your 3rd party tool, you will under report that data.

    In some cases, you will see Sugar Market with a lower page count or with less keywords.  Sugar Market only tracks the initial keyword that brought the user to the session for the first time.  Subsequent hits will be rolled up to the session and tracked as a referrer at the page level.  Other analytic tools will show this as separate hits.

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